Baltimore Rat Removal and Rodent Control

The best rat removal company in Baltimore, MD is Attic Rat, Inc. This is because Attic Rat is not a traditional pest control company or exterminator. They are an animal removal company that specializes in rodent control. Rats and mice are not like insects, but most Baltimore pest control companies treat rodents like insects - they use poison. Poison is a stupid and even harmful way to treat a rodent infestation. Poison will never kill all the rats, and the process is never-ending, with never ending invoices. Attic Rat does rat removal the correct way, with PERMANENT results in as little as a week. Once you hire them, you'll never have to see them again. See their year 2021 prices below. This is the process:

  1. Inspection of the entire house, in the attic and top to bottom, including roof
  2. Identification of all rat entry holes, and sealing them shut with steel repairs
  3. Trapping and removal of 100% of the rats inside the home or building
  4. Cleanup of rat feces and odor, and repair of rat damage such as chewed wires


Location: Baltimore, MD

Phone: 443-231-4132



Baltimore City County MD has a documented rodent problem, which is not uncommon in many parts of Maryland. If you need to get rid of rats in the attic or a building in Baltimore, you want a wildlife control specialist to do the rodent removal work correctly. Call Attic Rat at 443-231-4132, and describe your rat or mouse issue, and they will be able to give you a quote and schedule a same-day or next day inspection to solve the problem.

  • Fully Maryland licensed and insured
  • Professional Service
  • Competitively Priced
  • Same-day or next-day service
  • We answer our phone 24/7/365
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Our Prices:

Small Job: $249 + This is a simple job on a small house in good condition and not too many rats, with only 2-3 service visits necessary and minimal cleanup

Medium Job: $499+ This job is a larger house, with more repairs, more rats, more service visits, more cleanup necessary

Large Job: $1000+ Some jobs are extensive, and require significant repairs to the building, many service visits, extensive cleanup work, etc.

Attic Rat Cost

Baltimore City County, Baltimore Rat Control Situation:

Hi There. I just saw your website.... and i'm wondering if you wouldnt mind answering a couple questions for me. We live in Baltimore... We had a rat come in through our dryer vent (we've since had it replaced with one with a flap) and it made a little "home" in the laundry room. anyhow...that one was "caught" and disposed of. Being afraid there may be others in teh house....I put out some traps. My question trap went off the other day...well i noticed it this morning...I didnt hear it or anything. Anyhow...the trap went off and the peanut butter was "flat" but showed no signs of "gnawing" or teeth in the PB that was remaining. The trap was set behind our hall stand and the stand may have been pushed into it by accident. Do you know if this would cause th rat trap to go off? or would the "trigger" have to be touched? Also, would there be "teeth" marks in the PB if it WAS a rat? Oh and the reason I wondered is that I found 4 droppings under the couch the other day (the other rat was disposed of about a week or so ago) and the droppings were brown. Do you know if the droppings woudl still be brown after a week as I wonder if it went under the couch and then back into the laundry room, which is just off the living room. And wonder if those droppings are "old". I have found NO other droppings to date. I'm guessing they would drop wherever they go vs just in a nest right? Thanks so much in advance!!!

Baltimore Rat Control Tip of The Week

What Are Some Rat Diseases That Can Affect Humans?
One of the biggest concerns of countries and cities suffering from plagues of rats is the many diseases they cause. Many lethal diseases have been caused by these pesky rodents and more and more places are being exposed to rat diseases.
Rats are carriers of numerous pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, parasites, and other types of infectious agents, which can be transmitted through different parts and secretions of the rat; its tissue, saliva, urine, and feces.

How Can Rats Infect Humans?
Rats can transmit diseases through their skin; contagious infections that could be fatal in the skin of the affected person.
Through their saliva, rats can transmit a great number of viruses, bacteria, and infections, both internally and externally. That is why it is essential to go to a doctor if a rat bites you.
Rat urine and feces are among the most dangerous carriers of infection. They carry the most viruses and diseases which, if not treated in time, could have serious consequences for the health of the infected person.
The importance of being alert to the first sign of rats on your property is critical to your family's health. Not only your children and family but also your pet, as they could be exposed to even more infections and diseases that are deadly if not treated in time.
Some of the symptoms that could appear after a rat bite are:
  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Dizziness
  • Muscular ache
  • Breathing difficulty
Some of these symptoms are just a preview of a serious illness caused by constant exposure to rats. Some of these diseases include meningitis, gastrointestinal and respiratory problems, bubonic plague, toxoplasmosis, salmonellosis, internal parasites, among others.
Keeping your family out of harm's way should be a priority. When you first see a rat, you should do something about it; either hire a pest exterminator or set traps throughout the house yourself.