Lawrenceville Rat Removal and Rodent Control

The best rat removal company in Lawrenceville, GA is Attic Rat, Inc. This is because Attic Rat is not a traditional pest control company or exterminator. They are an animal removal company that specializes in rodent control. Rats and mice are not like insects, but most Lawrenceville pest control companies treat rodents like insects - they use poison. Poison is a stupid and even harmful way to treat a rodent infestation. Poison will never kill all the rats, and the process is never-ending, with never ending invoices. Attic Rat does rat removal the correct way, with PERMANENT results in as little as a week. Once you hire them, you'll never have to see them again. See their year 2021 prices below. This is the process:

  1. Inspection of the entire house, in the attic and top to bottom, including roof
  2. Identification of all rat entry holes, and sealing them shut with steel repairs
  3. Trapping and removal of 100% of the rats inside the home or building
  4. Cleanup of rat feces and odor, and repair of rat damage such as chewed wires


Location: Lawrenceville, GA

Phone: 678-804-4556



Gwinnett County GA has a documented rodent problem, which is not uncommon in many parts of Georgia. If you need to get rid of rats in the attic or a building in Lawrenceville, you want a wildlife control specialist to do the rodent removal work correctly. Call Attic Rat at 678-804-4556, and describe your rat or mouse issue, and they will be able to give you a quote and schedule a same-day or next day inspection to solve the problem.

  • Fully Georgia licensed and insured
  • Professional Service
  • Competitively Priced
  • Same-day or next-day service
  • We answer our phone 24/7/365
Check our year 2020 prices in Lawrenceville

Our Prices:

Small Job: $249 + This is a simple job on a small house in good condition and not too many rats, with only 2-3 service visits necessary and minimal cleanup

Medium Job: $499+ This job is a larger house, with more repairs, more rats, more service visits, more cleanup necessary

Large Job: $1000+ Some jobs are extensive, and require significant repairs to the building, many service visits, extensive cleanup work, etc.

Attic Rat Cost

Gwinnett County, Lawrenceville Rat Control Situation:

Hi David, Wow, you have a wonderful website, chock full of helpful information. I do think I need to schedule an appt. for an estimate on the crawl space, under my bathroom floor. There is a terrible odor in my 7 X 3 ft one and only bathroom in the Lawrenceville GA area. (I am experienced....had rat nest in p trap of bathtub 5 yrs. ago). Omg Pest Control set traps and sealed the 2 spots we could find that seem most suspect to rat entry , and there were droppings, urine under the bathroom area. I will wait til we catch something before I have your guys come. Of most concern, is wanting someone to look carefully into that bathtub p-trap area with a snake flashlight (Omega will try to come up with one by monday)....I want to know where the urine saturation is... I have respiratory reaction (coughing, using albuterol inhaler, Kaiser pulmonologist concerned) I want to know if you can cleanse the areas well for cleanup, disinfect, etc so that the rat phernomes, etc don't linger. Most of all, I want my bathroom back! It is horrible!! Please let me know if you schedule online, and a timeframe, more info on cleanup! thanks so much, mary

Lawrenceville Rat Control Tip of The Week

Steps To Make A Rat Trap
Catching a rat is a pretty easy job if you have the right tools. Without a doubt, rat traps are one of the oldest and simplest methods that could be used when catching these nasty rodents.
Homemade traps are very effective for catching rats, and making them is really simple. There are infinite options. Below, we will explain all the steps to make a rat trap.
But before doing that, here are some points that you should take into account:
  • Evaluate your materials: depending on the materials you have, you can make different types of traps. This time, we will make a homemade trap whose main materials are a plastic bottle, newspaper, cardboard, and rat glue.
  • Define specific points: there are places in your home that can be very attractive to rats, especially those that provide food or shelter: the kitchen, dining room, or holes in the walls.
  • Building the trap is really simple: you can cover the surface on which you will place the trap with newspaper, and you can place a piece of cardboard on which you will put rat glue, leaving a space in the middle to place the bait, -which could be a piece of cheese-. This bait will attract the rat and it will get stuck.
Sounds pretty easy, right? But...

What Happens If The Rat Evades Your Traps?
You may be dealing with a rat that has learned to survive in the most dangerous environments, so they will completely avoid all those things that could be a threat. In this case, you must add poison to the list of materials.
If you use the same technique, it is likely the rats will evade it again. So change the strategy; you can keep the traps with rat glue but poison the food this time.
It is important to note that poisons may have a delay in taking effect, so it is important to locate the rat after it ingested the poison. If not, it might die in places that are difficult to access.