Oak Forest Rat Removal and Rodent Control

The best rat removal company in Oak Forest, IL is Attic Rat, Inc. This is because Attic Rat is not a traditional pest control company or exterminator. They are an animal removal company that specializes in rodent control. Rats and mice are not like insects, but most Oak Forest pest control companies treat rodents like insects - they use poison. Poison is a stupid and even harmful way to treat a rodent infestation. Poison will never kill all the rats, and the process is never-ending, with never ending invoices. Attic Rat does rat removal the correct way, with PERMANENT results in as little as a week. Once you hire them, you'll never have to see them again. See their year 2021 prices below. This is the process:

  1. Inspection of the entire house, in the attic and top to bottom, including roof
  2. Identification of all rat entry holes, and sealing them shut with steel repairs
  3. Trapping and removal of 100% of the rats inside the home or building
  4. Cleanup of rat feces and odor, and repair of rat damage such as chewed wires


Location: Oak Forest, IL

Phone: 815-513-0590

Email: Oak-Forest@attic-rat.com


Cook County IL has a documented rodent problem, which is not uncommon in many parts of Illinois. If you need to get rid of rats in the attic or a building in Oak Forest, you want a wildlife control specialist to do the rodent removal work correctly. Call Attic Rat at 815-513-0590, and describe your rat or mouse issue, and they will be able to give you a quote and schedule a same-day or next day inspection to solve the problem.

  • Fully Illinois licensed and insured
  • Professional Service
  • Competitively Priced
  • Same-day or next-day service
  • We answer our phone 24/7/365
Check our year 2020 prices in Oak Forest

Our Prices:

Small Job: $249 + This is a simple job on a small house in good condition and not too many rats, with only 2-3 service visits necessary and minimal cleanup

Medium Job: $499+ This job is a larger house, with more repairs, more rats, more service visits, more cleanup necessary

Large Job: $1000+ Some jobs are extensive, and require significant repairs to the building, many service visits, extensive cleanup work, etc.

Attic Rat Cost

Cook County, Oak Forest Rat Control Situation:

I saw your article about rats and you said to email with questions. We can hear rats in our walls and have seen some in other areas of the home. It is an older model mobile home that was previously rented and not taken care of well. We have tried to remodel but need to know if it is possible to solve this problem first or should we begin looking elsewhere.

Last night, I read your site and it is pretty good how to catch the mouse. I am scared to see or catch the mouse in the basement. I try to set up all sticky pad and snap trap with dry shrimps today. I hope it will be killed the mouse. Can you help me how to rid it of the basement? I don't know where the mouse came in the basement, how come? That is very grossed when the mouse runs around in the basement. Sometimes, I can't find it or it gone then later it comes back. WTF! (sighing)

I own a restaurant in south Chicago near Orland Park that is maintained, exterminated, clean etc.... As you describe it is the entry of the building that is allowing us to be infested. We are part of a building that is very old and I have had pest control, supposed rat exterminators come out and bill me and now my problem is worse than ever! I am in Orland Park and am asking before I lay out another grand if you can help guide me to selecting a company that will address my serious problem. I know the building has to be sealed so I know that is the first step. Any advice is so appreciated. I really liked your website for its information, as well.

Oak Forest Rat Control Tip of The Week

Is It Common For Rats To Bite Humans While They're Sleeping?
There have been many cases reported in which human beings have been bitten by rodents. People tend to be alarmed when seeing a rat, not just for being repulsive but for the notoriety they have. However, some rumors are just myths that are a bit exaggerated.
Any animal tends to behave aggressively if they feel threatened or in a dangerous situation. In the case of rodents, the behavior is the same. Most of the times they want to go unnoticed, but if they feel cornered they can bite in defense to escape.

Can Rats Bite People While They're Asleep?
It is a rare thing that a rat climbs to someone's bed and bites them. Generally, the occasions in which a rodent climbs a piece of furniture has to do with dirtiness. A messy bed with crumbs of food will attract a rodent.
In these situations, the animal does not normally attack the person. However, some rats sometimes bite kids when they sleep. These exceptions happen because these kids are in low hygiene conditions with crumbs of food on their hands and the smell of this food is an open invitation for rats and their instinct for feeding.

Rats And Infections
People that have been bitten by a rat usually say it is a very strong pain. It is known that their teeth can deeply penetrate the skin, whereby it is necessary to act and clean the wound quickly to prevent the spread of diseases that can be caused when their saliva enters in contact with the bloodstream.
Rodents are vectors in the transmission of many diseases due to the bacteria and viruses they carry. A messy and dirty house is sought after by rodents, due to the abundance of areas suitable for nests. For this reason, if you wish to prevent a rodent infestation, you should keep your house clean.