Tucson Rat Removal and Rodent Control

The best rat removal company in Tucson, AZ is Attic Rat, Inc. This is because Attic Rat is not a traditional pest control company or exterminator. They are an animal removal company that specializes in rodent control. Rats and mice are not like insects, but most Tucson pest control companies treat rodents like insects - they use poison. Poison is a stupid and even harmful way to treat a rodent infestation. Poison will never kill all the rats, and the process is never-ending, with never ending invoices. Attic Rat does rat removal the correct way, with PERMANENT results in as little as a week. Once you hire them, you'll never have to see them again. See their year 2021 prices below. This is the process:

  1. Inspection of the entire house, in the attic and top to bottom, including roof
  2. Identification of all rat entry holes, and sealing them shut with steel repairs
  3. Trapping and removal of 100% of the rats inside the home or building
  4. Cleanup of rat feces and odor, and repair of rat damage such as chewed wires


Location: Tucson, AZ

Phone: 520-999-2121

Email: Tucson@attic-rat.com


Pima County AZ has a documented rodent problem, which is not uncommon in many parts of Arizona. If you need to get rid of rats in the attic or a building in Tucson, you want a wildlife control specialist to do the rodent removal work correctly. Call Attic Rat at 520-999-2121, and describe your rat or mouse issue, and they will be able to give you a quote and schedule a same-day or next day inspection to solve the problem.

  • Fully Arizona licensed and insured
  • Professional Service
  • Competitively Priced
  • Same-day or next-day service
  • We answer our phone 24/7/365
Check our year 2020 prices in Tucson

Our Prices:

Small Job: $249 + This is a simple job on a small house in good condition and not too many rats, with only 2-3 service visits necessary and minimal cleanup

Medium Job: $499+ This job is a larger house, with more repairs, more rats, more service visits, more cleanup necessary

Large Job: $1000+ Some jobs are extensive, and require significant repairs to the building, many service visits, extensive cleanup work, etc.

Attic Rat Cost

Pima County, Tucson Rat Control Situation:

David, Can you please help me with some advise and maybe a referral for a local professional in Tucson AZ? I live in a mobile home and hear rats in the walls and ceiling at different time including during the night. I had a professional general contractor put very fine metal chicken wire called "hardware cloth" all around the bottom of my mobile from the edge to the ground attached to the stackered white bricks with screw drilled into them. There might be some very small gaps in different places, but no sign of rats getting in like black marks from their fur, rat droppings or urine stains any where outside. I even put screening around the the very small roof vents. I also previously had a friend come by who is in the pest control business and he looked all around the outside and just could not find where the rats are coming in at. I was using Decon for about 7 or 8 months, but now switched to a very strong blocks of rat poison from a local Do-it-Yourself Pest Control store. I always put the poison out under a small hole under the very fine metal hardware cloth in two different places and then block the hole off with a brick. I bought a 9 pound bucket for $39 and they already ate about 2 1/2 to nearly 3 pounds of it and I am still hearing them. *** Why is the strong blocks of poison not working, do they get amunity to it? Last year I even brought Rid-Ex Plus that turns your whole house wiring into a sound they do not like. It worked for a while, but not does not seem to affect them at all. It comes on for 3 minutes and then shuts of for 3 minutes (so they do not get use to the sound waves) and keeps repeating the cycle 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

How in the rats world are they still getting in my walls and ceilings voids? Can the rats be possibly tunneling or travleing through the underground the sewer pipes? *** Why is the strong poison not working? Do the rats get amunity to it after eating it for awhile? *** If there are dozens of them, would I not at least see one outside once in awhile or some signs of them? Where is there food supply? A few doors down are a few fruit trees, but would they not move closer to them? A tree right next to my place has these really small berries, could that be what they are eating? Should I move out for a while and not use any air conditioning, so the walls will get to hot for them to live in? I am at wits end and really need your advise and/or a professional to probably come out and help me get rid of these rats.

Tucson Rat Control Tip of The Week

how Can I Modify My Property To Keep Rat Populations Down?
This modification initially should include house inspection to comprehend what sort of changes that the house essentially needs.
One basic strategy is to diminish the access of rats to foods and get a new place for their habitat. Automatic doors, for example, are a perfect passage that will close quickly once everyone has gone through. It won't leave any hole that can invite the rats to come. Rats are clever because they can detect the holes, even the tiniest ones in pipes. As a result, it is easy for them to get to the divider and use it as a safe house. It is recommended to move plants and wires far from your buildings because rats can use them to climb up inside your home.
Sewers are likewise the ideal entryway for these rats to get inside the house. This is why the rat-proofing plan has to come up when you want to build a home or renovate a house.
Traps can likewise be set since it is by a long shot, the best method to catch rats - as rats can run quickly and effectively escape, it might be difficult for humans to find them utilizing their uncovered hands. Typically, catching is perfect for businesses working with large spaces and holes that might not be distinguishable.
Another modification is to try putting away foods appropriately inside containers that are rat-proof. Garbage should be properly sealed and shut because it may attract rats. When you store garbage in a can, ensure that the cover is tight enough.
Keeping up regular maintenance of the building won't allow any breaks and holes to appear. Great fixes are essential because rats can effectively fit a coin size gap and eat the foods inside your home.