Does car insurance cover damage by rats?

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If you have rodent damage to your vehicle, we would highly recommend that you call up your insurance company to find out if you will be covered. In some instances you will be, and that's the good news. Comprehensive cover is the one you want if you have recently discovered rat damage to your car or truck. This is a kind of insurance policy for your car that covers you for when it has become damaged in some way, but not through a collision. This cover will protect you in other situations, such as when an animal chews through wires.

Rat damage is often accidental damage, as far as vehicle insurance providers are concerned. This means that comprehensive cover, designed for accidental damage not caused by an RTC, will protect you. Once an inspection has taken place that definitely proves rats are the cause of the problem, you'll just have the insurance deductible to work out. If you do not have comprehensive cover on your vehicle, we would highly recommend that you call your insurance provider anyway to check whether or not you have some cover for accidental animal damage.

If you are not covered, sadly you will need to fork out for the repairs out of your own pocket, not expecting to be reimbursed by the insurance. In short, it's a good idea to keep your garage just as protected as you would your home. Rats in the home can cause destruction, fire hazards, the spread of disease. Rats in the garage can stop your car from working, and could potentially cause you to have an accident. And, to top things off, you might not even be covered by your insurance policy! You should probably check that out …

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