Can Rats Chew Through Wires in a Car?

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Rats can pose one hell of a problem once they get into your home, and this can apply to so much more than just the main bulk of your home. When left in an attic, for example, rats can and will chew through electric cables. This might not seem like a big deal, but once you call in an electrician to sort out those short-circuiting lights and he starts quoting you thousands of dollars to repair rat-caused damage, you'll soon realize how much of a big deal it is.

Not just that, exposed cables pose fire threats. This is even more so the case when you're in an area such as your attic. There are plenty of things up there that could start a fire - the attic insulation perhaps? Maybe even those boxes of old photographs you keep saying you'll work your way through and sort out? They're all flammable, and once a fire starts, it won't take long before it rips through your building. The same threats apply wherever you find rats, so don't think you can ignore the rat problem that is ever-growing in your garage. Things get even more dangerous when rats get in there. That's because you still have that fire hazard present when rats chew through cables, but you also run the risk of letting those rats get into the main engine components of your car. When you bear in mind that most cars are electrically-run these days, one chewed-through cable could mean the end of your method of transport to work in the morning. It gets worse - what if those rodents were to chew through your brake cables? Think of how dangerous your drive to school would be with the kids in the car.

There have been a number of cases in the media where cars have moved to more environmentally-friendly materials in a bid to make their products greener for planet earth. One of these changes includes soy-based coatings on cables which has proved to be a real attraction for rodents just like rats. The rats are getting closer because those materials look tasty and smell tasty, and they're chewing right through them because that's just what rats do.

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There have been regular reports of rats destroying vehicles over the years too, not just these new green changes made to more modern cars. In some instances, it might be something funny and small to repair. But over time, and with more and more rats joining the party, it doesn't take long for a small and funny problem to become a rather large and dangerous one. It's just not worth taking the risk. When inspecting your home for signs of rat and other wild animal activity, make sure you don't leave your garage and other outbuildings out. Wherever there are rats, there is a threat to human life. This can be in the form of disease, but sometimes that could be in the form of the rats chewing through cables that could potentially put your life in danger.

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