Can Rats Live in a Hot Attic?

Hello David, I sent this to your other email to. Thanks for offering the second email address. We had our home resided this summer. **At that time, we started hearing noises in the attic. I was surprised because it was 100 degrees outside, heat index was 108+, and the attic heat would have been much much hotter (guessing, 130-140+).

I don't know where the mice are getting in (I assume it is mice) but I wonder if it is because the contractor pulled down our soffit vents then placed their vinyl vents up, besides residing the entire home. Whatever happened, they changed something, while they had it open and it has continued, we hear noises in our attic. It is worrying me and stressing “us” terribly. This upsets me terribly so I am reaching out for help. I didn't find the answers to these questions on the web. I hope they are common enough that you can help answer them. If there is something that I am not asking about that may help us, please add it.

1) Can mice live in a hot attic? I don't know what temperatures they can withstand, do you?
2 We have a low pitched roof, so it is hard to get over to the outside perimeter to place mouse poison where I thought they would walk. So we tossed it over. Will they find it?
3) Since we have more of a problem now than before, is there a best type of mouse poison?
4) Listening to the sounds, how would mice sounds vs. rat sounds differ? I hoped to find a youtube video of the sound comparison, but didn't.
5) We found poop in the attic. We are assuming it is mouse. What size is mouse poop vs. rat poop?
6) We had blown in insulation when we moved here in 1990. We added roll out insulation on top of the existing insulation. We don't see the mice.
7) At times during the night, it sounds like they are running all over ceiling tile, but they are in the attic. Are they between the insulation and my ceiling tile?
8) We are about 4 months into this problem. The noises at night stopped for a bit, or they were quieter for a bit. But the numbers have increases over the months and the last few nights they are loud, running scratching, their chewing is louder and sounds more aggressive, and other places on the ceiling I hear some squeaking.
9) We put a bag of Tom Cat mouse poison in the attic during the summer. We sealed every place we could think of. We ended up putting another bag of Tom Cat mouse poison up there because we were still hearing noises. Then locally I bought their only 2 little boxes of d-con. Do mice find one type of poison faster than the other? I don't know which smells better to them.
10) My son looked and we don't have bats.
11) How would I know if we are still having something coming in, or would they have lived in that hot attic all along?

I am sorry I have so many question, but as you can tell I am trying to get to the bottom of our problem. I've never had this problem before and it is stressing me. I am doing everything I can think to do. In case you need to know my location to help with the answers, I am in the Midwest Missouri. I am looking forward to hearing from you. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP. I've have many many traps out, but not under the insulation. However, the runways can't be reached unless I belly crawl. I could years ago when I was younger. Not only is the insulation too thick but my health doesn't permit it any longer. - Trap, properly trap on rat runways, ALL the mice, and remove them from the house. If I could have managed with live traps, I would have. The mice wouldn't go in them. I think it is because I couldn't reach where they were. Giving it more time I eventually went with snap traps but still haven't caught anything and the problem is increasing. My last resort was the poison at the runways that I frowned on. I have many many traps everyplace else. If I could have hired an exterminator I would have started there instead of fighting a losing battle. They started at over $1000. Humm. Wish I had it. I've done my best at trying to solve this problem before bothering anyone with questions. I am a newbe at this problem. I thought you were a professional so I wrote. Thank you kindly for your good information. Maybe you don't intend to sound impolite, but you certainly did “I'm going to stop answering right now, you must not have read my website”. You could have kindly said the same thing in a nicer way.

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