Is it legal for me to trap a rat?

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Believe it or not, there are actually so many ways in which you can trap a rat. Well, there are when you get technical about things. There are lethal snap traps which are Ö well, lethal, just as the name suggest. These are traps which you can buy in stores, and are often advised if you have a rat infestation. Itís certainly a better method than poison, which we would never recommend. We don't use poisons. Itís not only inhumane, but usually rather ineffective also.

If you're going to opt for lethal snap traps, make sure you choose the wooden ones over the plastic ones, which tend to fail a lot and not do the ďfullĒ job. You will want to place these traps where you see the most droppings and other signs of rat activity in your home. This is to give you the highest chance of catching them. You will find they are most effective when placed along a wall - rats tend to run along these, rather than through the center of the room. This is for obvious reason - it makes them harder to detect and catch. You will also want to ensure that youíre placing the trap in areas where your kids, toes, and also pet paws canít get to it. You want to catch a rat, remember, and not the beloved family cat.

The bait isnít important, but peanut butter is a simple and easy one to pick. From there on in, itís simply a matter of watching and waiting. Check the traps regularly so that you can replace them where necessary. You don't want to leave dead rats in traps lying around the home. You may also need to freshen up the bait from time to time, or even move the traps if they simply aren't catching anything. Sometimes itís a case of trial and error.

It is legal to trap a rat, and trapping is the best way to remove rats. If youíre going to do it, make sure youíre doing it properly. Otherwise youíll just be wasting your own time and money.

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